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These Best Practices Guides for Land-Grant Universities are prepared by Cornerstone Government Affairs to help members of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly and affiliated organizations improve their congressional advocacy efforts. These Guides are the intellectual property of Cornerstone Government Affairs and may not be posted on any public or private website without written permission. 


Provides an overview of the congressional appropriations process, discusses the procedures whereby representatives    and senators influence appropriations decisions, and concludes with some specific suggestions.


Congressional Communications

Discusses how to communicate effectively with Congress in an era when congressional communications channels are    operating at or beyond capacity.


Congressional Offices and Staff

Describes how House and Senate offices are structured to execute their legislative and constituent service responsibilities and provides some specific recommendations about when and how to contact various congressional staff.


Face-to-Face Meetings

Describes how to approach a senator or representative to request a personal meeting in their Washington or state/district office and provides some specific meeting suggestions.


Publicity, Politics, Events

Explains how, as part of a comprehensive congressional communications strategy, organizations can get closer to senators and representatives by helping them generate publicity, meet their constituents, and raise campaign funds.


Strong Stalks Networks

Explains how to build and maintain a combined grassroots and grasstops network, how/when to mobilize it, and how to ensure its effectiveness.


This site is maintained for the Budget and Advocacy Committee of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly by Cornerstone Government Affairs.

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