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The Board on Agriculture Assembly: Structured for Success


  The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) represents 237 public universities and is comprised of various commissions, boards, and sections. One of the most prominent and legislatively active APLU organizations is the Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA), which represents the interests of land-grant colleges of agriculture and natural resources and related institutions.

BAA Structure

  The BAA was reconstituted in 1999 and is now comprised of five sections: (1) Administrative Heads Section; (2) Experiment Station Section; (3) Cooperative Extension Section; (4) Academic Programs Section; and (5) International Agriculture Section. Management of the BAA falls to its 10-member Policy Board of Directors (PBD). The BAA has two standing committees that report to the PBD:

  • Budget and Advocacy Committee. The BAC develops the annual federal appropriations priorities for the BAA and oversees the system’s advocacy firm (Cornerstone Government Affairs). The chair and advocacy chair of the BAC are drawn from the Administrative Heads Section and the other voting members represent the BAA’s sections and other APLU boards (e.g. Human Sciences and Veterinary Medicine) and sections (e.g. Forestry) and other affiliated organizations. 

  • Committee on Legislation and Policy. The CLP develops the BAA’s recommendations to Congress for the Farm Bill (which is rewritten about every five years) and other authorizing bills. Like the BAC, the CLP is led by an AHS member and is broadly representative of the BAA and as well as other APLU boards/sections.

  In addition to these two permanent committees, the BAA has a corps of about 125 citizen advocates from around the country who are appointed by their respective land-grant deans and directors. This group — the Council for Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching (CARET) — meets once a year in Washington, DC, in a joint session with the Administrative Heads Section. The CARET-AHS delegations are briefed by the BAC leadership and Cornerstone on the system’s appropriations priorities for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and then fan out across Capitol Hill to deliver those priority requests to House and Senate offices.


Policy Board of Directors

  Chaired by Orlando F. McMeans - Vice President for Research and Public Service
  West Virginia State University


Budget and Advocacy Committee

  Chaired by Craig A. Beyrouty

  Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Director, Agricultural Experiment              Station/Cooperative Extension Service
  University of Maryland, College Park


Committee on Legislation and Policy

  Chaired by Marshall Stewart

  Vice Chancellor of Extension and Engagement

  University of Missouri

This site is maintained for the Budget and Advocacy Committee of the APLU Board on Agriculture Assembly by Cornerstone Government Affairs.

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