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National Land-grant Impacts Database (NIDB)

The National Land-grant Impacts Database is the nation’s most extensive repository of the land-grant system’s collective impacts statements in research, education, and Extension. It serves as a comprehensive and important resource for the land-grant system to tell their stories. Search the database by state, institution, project funding source, and other parameters.

A team of professional LGU communicators has developed educational materials highlighting outstanding land-grant university impacts for 2024. View all the materials or view by category:

Board on Agriculture Assembly Climate Publication

The 2024 report America’s Public & Land-grant Universities: Leveraging Discovery, Education, and Engagement for Climate-Smart Solutions highlights how public and land-grant universities are on the leading edge of addressing climate change, creating and implementing practical solutions, and building a sustainable future. 


AgIsAmerica is an initiative of APLU’s Board on Agriculture Assembly that highlights how public and land-grant universities are advancing agriculture to feed our communities and the world, discover climate-smart solutions, strengthen our rural and the national economy, and safeguard public health. Increased federal investments in agricultural research, education & Extension is critical solve today’s challenges and create a bright future.

See AgIsAmerica resources:

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